BioField Tuning & Channeling - Root Chakra - Left Side

Reset the feminine energy and around things that you want to be doing, being, or having. Address your unmet needs and adjust them at the source.

Course Summary

 The root chakra is the area of your body that hold the foundation of your entire energy as a stabilizing platform and essence. This is where your sense of safety and security resides. When you can feel safe and secure within yourself, you can feel safe and secure within your works around you. Giving you the strength to live your life as your true self.

As you develop and strengthen. your ability to hold the capacity of what is possible for you, the stronger you will become. In order to do that, the conditioning of your root chakra is necessary and resetting your root back to factory settings so that you may have a grounded solid foundation to be able to shine your light from.

It's like being plugged into the grounding wire of the earth's electricity so that you be lit from within. The left side of the root chakra focuses on the feminine energy and around things that you want to be doing, being, or having, but have not had the solid foundation in which to create from.

This tuning session will help you to adjust that for your yourself so that you can start to shed the layers of fear and step into the knowing of who you are from a solid foundational level.

As with all tunings, it is best that you are in a comfortable position, and not disturbed for the duration of the session. It is also best to wear headphones for listening.

This session also includes an earth and sun star adjustment to help you ground and connect to source energy and to allow the currents of their divine energy to flow through you and around you.

You will hear channeling happening from other demential planes being delivered to you to help you in your adjustment and letting go of what it is that needs to be released from inside of you and expressed for wholeness and bringing you back to yourself.

During this session you will be recalibrated in the most profound of ways and it may take several days, weeks, or even months to fully feel the effects of the reset and adjustment that the tuning forks will be assisting you with.

Course Curriculum

Natalie Collins

Human Design Business Coach and Sound Therapist

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